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Collection eye brow kit

WP_20170320_16_32_24_Pro[1]At only £3 from Superdrug, I couldn’t resit trying this product. The packaging is compact, perfect for handbags and school bags. My favourite part of this product, that I honestly wasn’t expecting for the price was the mirror and the brush (which is actually decent) and is also double ended. The 3 eyebrow powders that you get in this product are pigmented and easily blendable, and the eyebrow mascara that it comes with is really good. I used to just use a basic collection clear mascara, as it was a product I already had, but the brush on this one is harder so you don’t get an excess of product. I love this product, and I will definitely be using it a lot!

Any questions or requests, comment or dm my social media sites (Instagram-@realxloves Twitter-@realxloves Email(which I don’t check as often)

love, realxloves


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