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Managing stress-exams

For many of us, end of year exams, mocks and GCSE’s are fast approaching, and it can get stressful with all the pressure put on us. I’m currently in year 10 so I don’t have that much pressure, but I still get stressed. Here are some of my top tips on how to cope:

  • Be organised- It’s super easy to control how organised you are. Make a timetable or just a quick list of what you want to revise when. Colour coding can also help.
  • Timings- Don’t spend hours revising the same topic over and over, because your brain will just switch off and you won’t be paying attention to anything. Instead, break your time up into about 30 minutes slots and change topics or subject then. It is best to review often forΒ a short amount of time than to review once for hours.
  • How you revise- Choose a method that is suitable for you. For foreign language vocabulary, flash cards can be useful, but for other subjects like Geography, notes could be better. Never copy out huge chunks of information from a textbook, because you will never remember it all. Instead, just make bullet points of all the key points; they will stand out better for you to learn.
  • When you revise- DO NOT CRAM THE NIGHT BEFORE YOUR EXAM! You have more chance of falling asleep during the exam than you do doing well in it. It will also stress you out more if you suddenly come across something you had forgotten to review.

Good luck! Share any tips you have in the comments section! If you have any requests, feel free to comment or Direct Message me on my social media Instagram- @realxloves Twitter- @realxloves Or my email

love, realxloves


3 thoughts on “Managing stress-exams”

    1. My eldest daughter, Jackie, is going into Year 2 next year, and this will really help her whilst revising for her SAT’s!!!


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