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Makeup Revolution eyeshadow palette- redemption iconic 2

This eyeshadow palette is only £4 from Superdrug ( and  is commonly known as a dupe for the naked palettes. Makeup Revolution do lots of eyeshadow palettes but I finally chose this one after much deliberation because of the versatility of the colours in it. From the left of the palette the first colour in there is a matte white/light pink which for me is a staple for a natural eye makeup. The next is a glittery gold which I put in the crease when I want a quick but good eye look. The next is a shimmery white/pink colour that I like to use with the matte brown in this palette (the forth colour along). There are 3 rose gold style WP_20170322_16_53_39_Rich[1]colours in this palette and one is a lot more glittery and the other is more brown than the basic rose gold but this helps create a variety of looks. There are 2 greys in this palette which you can make look natural or more dramatic by using the staple black shade. Some of my favourite shades in this palette are shown in the swatches.



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