Favourite food

I’m sorry this is such a short blog post but I’ve been super busy. However, I think this is another way for you to get to know me better. Comment what your favourite foods are and if there is anything I should try!

  1. Pizza- I love pizza. My favourite is the veggie supreme from pizza hut and my second favourite is ham and pineapple, but I want to be a vegetarian in the future.
  2. Spaghetti Bolognaise- What do I need to say? It’s just so gorgeous!
  3. Pancakes- I love love love crepe style pancakes (Mainly because of all the toppings you can have!
  4. Nutella-Some may argue that this isn’t a food but if you eat it with a spoon it totally is!
  5. Dark Chocolate- It’s just so good and isn’t sickly either
  6. Cake- You can get so many different varieties and I love that. My favourite is probably Battenberg because I love marzipan so much and Christmas cake is also amazing!
  7. Custard doughnuts- Best combination of food ever!

Again, I’m sorry it’s so short but I’ve also been trying to work on my March favourites which will be posted on the 31/3/17 6PM GMT if everything goes to plan. Please like and share and don’t forget to follow me! For any requests you can comment or follow my social media accounts Twitter-@realxloves Instagram-@realxloves (they’re both linked in my header). You an also email me at See you in tomorrows blog post!

Love, realxloves x


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