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80p lipstick!

As many of you are probably aware primark have a beauty range called PS and when I found out that they had 80p lipsticks I couldn’t resist having a test of one, especially in the 01 desert sand shade which is perfect for spring. The consistency of the lipstick is quite thin and it feels very thin on the lips (thinner than lipbalm!) but the colour is pigmented and does last. The product feels super lightweight and natural and unlike some thicker lipsticks doesn’t clump up. It isn’t a matte lipstick and has a lip-gloss like finish. The packaging is matte black and is really simple. The colour in the bottom of the product is the colour of the actual lipstick so it is  a good way to get the right shade. The colour I have is perfect for spring and I look forward to wearing it to give a natural look.

The link to buy is here (I know it isn’t the exact shade but it was the closest I could find)

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3 thoughts on “80p lipstick!”

  1. Some people may say that Primark make-up is cheap and rubbish, but the quality of most Primark products is quite good!


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