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Before I start this blog post, I just want to apologise for this post going up late. I had work and it took me longer than expected! However, I’m posting it now, and I hope you like it!

As I wash my hair every other day, I like a shampoo and conditioner that isn’t too heavy for my hair, but still cleans it well. That’s why I use the Herbal Essences Daily Detox Shampoo and conditioner. Not only do they smell gorgeous, but I find that they clean my hair well, and leave it nice and shiny, ready for me to straighten in the morning (which I don’t always do, it depends on the mood I’m in). Everyone has different hair types and different shampoo work well for different people. My hair is really thick, and kind of dull, so I find that this shampoo and conditioner work well! There is a link here to check out these products. They also say that they are suitable for coloured hair and they are paraben and silicone free which is supposedly better for your hair.


I’m so excited for tomorrow because I finally get to publish my March favourites, and it feels like I have been taking photos and planning what to include for agea! On Saturday, I will be starting @cardiganjezebel’s photo-a-day challenge on my Instagram, so make sure you are following me (@realxloves)

See you all tomorrow!

Love, realxloves x



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