Monthly Favourites

March favourites!

At last, the wait is finally over, and I can publish my first monthly favourites post here on my blog! I’ve tried to choose products that I haven’t previously talked about, so it’s something new to read! I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I did writing it!

The first product that I have been loving, now that it is spring, is my Paul Smith Floral perfume. I feel like this perfume is good for spring, because it is smells floral, and quite sweet, without being too sickly. I had it as a Christmas present last year, and I think it is now one of my favourite scents (I especially love the unusual bottle shape). There is a link to buy here for £11.99.


Another product I have been loving this month, is my VO5 heat protect spray. It makes it quicker for me to straighten my hair in the morning, and it also makes it shinier as well as helping the effects from the straightener last longer. The product is really light, and doesn’t make your hair feel greasy. Although the product does have a smell, it isn’t over powering like some products. There is a link to buy here for £3 (it’s £4.19 full price).


As the days get warmer, and the nights lighter, I go out more often, and one of my favourite pieces of jewellery are my Pandora bracelet and ring. I have the Infinite shine ring that I wear on my thumb. There is a link to buy here from the official Pandora store for £35.IMG_2161

On my charm bracelet, I have a lot of charms which I will list below with a link and the price. (If an item does not have a link, it is because it has been discontinued by Pandora).



I hope you liked my first favourites post! Tomorrow, I will be starting the April photo-a-day challenge over on my Instagram (@realxloves) so be sure to go and check it out! For daily posts, check out my twitter (@realxloves) and if there is any issues you can email me (

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Love, realxloves x


1 thought on “March favourites!”

  1. On my Pandora bracelet, I have:
    A pair of skis
    A September birthstone
    A few different spacers
    A fairy on a mushroom
    A castle
    A gift/present


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