What Camera do I use?

For today’s post, I thought I would let you know what camera I use to take the photos for my blog, and social media sites. It may end up being quite a short post, but yesterday’s was quite big (for me) and if you haven’t seen it, I will leave a link here.

The camera I mainly use for social media sites, is my Microsoft Lumia 650 phone. As all of my social media apps are on my phone, it is easier for me to take photos on there and then upload them to the site, than to take them on my camera, upload them to my laptop, and then transfer them back to my phone. As my phone has a 8mp rear camera and a 5mp front camera, my photos come out in decent quality that I am happy with for social media!

For my blog, I prefer better quality photos, because I think it is more important on here. For these photos, I use my Canon PowerShot A4000 IS HD which has a 16mp lens and has 8x optical zoom. (The lens also says 5.0-40.0mm 1:3.0-5.9 – I have no idea what this means but I think its to do with the extension of the lens). I like playing with the settings on this camera to try and get the best shot. As I have had this camera for the past 3 years, it’s kind of on its last legs, so I may try and get a new, better quality one soon. However, it does the job for now, and for what I use it for.

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