How I revise

Before I start this blog post, I just want to mention that I did a post on how to deal with exam-based stress, and if you haven’t seen it, there is a link here.

For me, revision often stresses me out. I feel like I have to have everything in perfect order, and everything super neat and tidy. Although it does help to have your notes in order, the most important thing is having them in an order that you can understand. My notes are definitely not the neatest, but they work for how I revise!

My notes (I like using highlighters on headings so I know when a new topic starts)

Revision is one of the things that you have to play around with to see what works for you. Some of my favourite ideas are:

  • Flashcards-they are great for testing your knowledge on vocab, writing down key points, and writing down questions to test yourself with. My favourite place to buy flashcards from is Wilko – they have loads of cute, fun designs, as well as plain ones. The ones I am currently loving are from the I Love Cats range for £1
  • Highlighters-they are so useful to pick out key points, or to highlight headings so that you can keep organised. I love these budget £1 ones from wilko.
  • Lever arch files-these are great at keeping all of your notes in one place so you don’t lose any of them. I always buy mine from Wilko because they are super cheap and good quality. The plain black one is one of my favourites for just £1.25 IMG_2197

I think that’s all for now. If you want any more posts like this, then let me know, and don’t forget to share your tips in the comments! 🙂

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Good luck revising, and please like, comment and share!

Love, realxloves x



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